Elevated bachelorette fêtes

with one of a kind, luxe gifts crafted with care

Ami à Vie translates to “friend for life”

We believe the most meaningful fêtes in life are when you are surrounded by your closest friends.

This mindset drives our creative process to provide sophisticated yet fun bachelorette and bridesmaid celebrations. Ami à Vie’s services enable you to relax and enjoy being celebrated throughout your engagement.

about us

Meet Maggie

I am a lifelong native of Birmingham, Alabama and a graduate from Auburn University. During my experience of being a bride, my eyes were opened to a gap in the bachelorette and bridesmaid experience. I kept finding myself thinking things like “It shouldn’t have to be this hard to have a sophisticated bachelorette weekend", and “Why do chic bridesmaid gifts not exist?” and “Who can create my bridesmaids’ looks on the wedding day?”. 

As a recent bride, I know how hard it can be to find a one-of-a-kind bridal experience - one in which brides feel seen and celebrated. This is why I have made it my mission to create intentional experiences for our brides and her friends for life. I am absolutely thrilled to get to work with brides to create fun and fabulous fêtes that will be remembered for a lifetime. My favorite part of owning Ami à Vie is the knowledge that throughout this process, I will gain many friends for life!

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