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Thoughtfully curated, unique and stylish gifts to remind your friends for life how much you value them.

Our gifting services have been used for a variety of types of gifts including “Will you be my bridesmaid?” gifts, “Thank you” gift for bridesmaids, "Thank you" gift for groomsmen, Hostess gifts, and more. 

our luxury gifting offering

Our gifting service allows us to curate, package, and deliver gifts for your friends for life, without you having to lift a finger. This package includes:

Initial Consultation Call

Five Initial Giving Curations

Two Rounds of Refinements

Ordering Goods

Assembling Goods

Packaging Goods

Shipping and Delivery of Goods

Gifting packages begin at $195.


"I hired Ami à Vie because I wanted to give my hostesses a fabulous gift they’d actually want to use, but didn’t have the time or eye for it. It was so reassuring knowing it was off my plate and into Maggie’s capable, chic hands. I have had many of the recipients tell me they usually end up throwing out hostess gifts, but how much they love and actually use the one Maggie helped us pick!"

- Erin M

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